Friday, 4 August 2017


Survival Activity
My group worked on a project about survival. We all got Hyped because we were flowing with ideas. My group was told to do steps on how we were to survive on an island if we got lost.  We were confident in our work.  

We chose our leader carefully, but instead of having one leader, we decided that we all would become leaders. The reason behind this was because we all had equal ideas.

During our work we had a little bit of struggles, because we had to many ideas on what we could do. We could of wrote a list of what we could do, but we pulled through an only included the ideas that were important to the situation.

I think our group completed this task because we were all focused and had loads of thoughts to put in the tasks. Lasalle made good decisions on our plans. Ben made good decisions on the battlefield, Ben had ideas on how to defeat the pirates and the formations we stand in. and Taki made good decisions on how we should build our hideout. He had a lot of ideas.
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Monday, 31 July 2017

Social Reflection


In term Two I conducted a social Inquiry on Migration. My social inquiry focused on the movement of migrants from Scotland to New Zealand. The push reason why Scottish left their country of origin was the war that broke out in Scotland. The war was causing Scottish people to come to New Zealand. They all settled in Otago, Where they were able to get better futures and live freely. While they were in Otago they got jobs as Farmers,miners from fife and being shopkeepers.  Also some of the Scottish where orphanages that came to New Zealand. By 1936 the number of scots increased, That was the highest it’s been ever since 1886. The Pull reason to why Scots came to New Zealand was because they were able to find themselves better futures. Almost half of the scots that moved to New Zealand in 2013 were all professional workers.

Friday, 30 June 2017


It was a nice morning to wake up to. I was so excited to go camp for 2 days. Once we got to school I walked around looking for people in my year group so I can hang out with them. After waiting for a while I finally found My friends.

It was the first day of camp, Everyone was excited to get there. Once the time hit to go we all got on the bus and headed to our camp site. Once we got to the camp site we had to go for a 10k hike. I found this fun because everyone were wearing there good gear and all of it was getting dirty. There were a lot of mud pools which we had to walk through. We walk all the way to the top of the mountain. We finally hit the top, we had a little lunch break. Then we started to walking again. We hit the part of the mountain where it goes straight down. This was fun because we got to run down the stairs.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Mr Robertson Story

In our past Social Study class We had a Very special guess come in and talk about her Migration. This Special Guess Was Mrs Robertson. She talked about When she came to New Zealand and why she came to New Zealand. Mrs Robertson came to New Zealand In 1962 to full fill her dads Dreams. Her purpose of coming to New Zealand Was so she can work For money to get the supplies to build a Pakeha house In Samoa. The only Problem was when she came she never understood English. So she would always ask questions On what to do. She said she would always go to the Library.

Interview Question

This is my question For the people that have Migrated to New Zealand when they were still young. I find my question not that intersting.

What year did you come to N.Z?
Why did you come to New Zealand?
Did you want to come?
Where you forced to come to New Zealand?
Would you see yourself going back?
What’s the reason you traveled To New Zealand?
When did you get your Visa?
Did you have family In N.Z When you came here?
Did Migration affect your family?

Did you understand the language when you came?

Migration Model

This is a model which represents the facts of why Tokelauns come to New Zealand. We called them Push and pull facts. I got Facts To why Tokelauns Come to New Zealand and Why they find New Zealand an interesting Country to come to.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Mrs Robertson Story.

1. How many years has Ms Robertson been in NZ ? (think about what year she arrived in NZ)
Mrs Robertson came to New Zealand in 1962

2. What sort of work did she do when she first arrived in NZ ?
Mrs Robertson worked in the hospital. She was boarding there as well.

3. What do you remember about how Mrs Robertson was brought up by her parents ?
Shes would get a hiding if they don’t listen to her parents. The whole family listens only to her parents.

4. What was the main reason why Mrs Robertson was sent to NZ ?
So they can build a Pakeha House in Samoa.

5, What did she do with her first Pay packet ?
  She sent it back to Samoa to her parents. So they can build the house.

6.What things did she need help with  when she first came to NZ ?
She needed help with her english. She always asked people question because she never knew what to do.

7. What did you enjoy or find most interesting about Mrs Robertson story ?

She worked hard to make her father's dream come true. She brought some of her family along to help her pay to biuuild the house. Shes helped her 3 kids, By taking them to the library every thursday. She always took them to church. I like that she’s a hard working lady.