Thursday, 10 May 2018

Will smith's Well-Being

Describe what is happening in the video with links will smiths's well-being.

This story relates to spiritual well-being because he could have killed uncle phils son. He could of lost his soul and he will no longer be on this earth. It affects all dimensions because he physically won't be here, Mentally won't be communicating, and everyone would talk about him. Which relates back to social. 

When will smith explains what happen with the drugs, Uncle phil then explains that his son could of died because of wills actions. Uncle phil then explains that they both could of died. Drugs could affect how you think, and act. Changing everything about you. Worst is getting yourself killed.

Will smith's Uncle phil gives will a ticket to go see a basketball game, But then turns down the ticket. Reason being is that will was holding onto a drug that almost killed Uncle phil's son. But then uncle Phil then gets really mad and calls his family in. Then asks will to explain what happen, While will explains he breaks down while telling them what happen. Which affects the mental well-being because his feelings then overcome him. Uncle phil then becomes really angry and takes it out on will. It affects the family.

Carlton could have been dead, which could of caused a lot of people to worry. Either way holding drugs is a bad thing. Once someone knows that your holding onto drugs you then become a seller to everyone. Where as you have to socialise with others. But During the video Uncle phil calls his family in to the living room where will is. He tell will to explain what happen with the drugs to the family. This relates to social well-being because hes sharing a story to more than one person. He was being offered drugs at school.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Coconut cookies

Today during period 3&4 we where assigned to make Coconut cookies. It's a pretty easy cookie to make. First of you start by gathering the ingredients. S.R flour, Sugar, oil and coconut. First you mix the dry ingredients together & mix the wet ingredients. Then you pour both into one bow and fold it in. You then make little balls with it. Next you squash it down with your palm so that it can look like an cookie. Then you put it in the oven and hope that it looks nice.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Chocolate Muffins

Today during period 1 & 2 we have been working on making our muffins. We have currently been making muffins for a long time. But In a way I enjoy making Muffins. I like seeing the muffins rise when they have been sitting in the oven. The end results we kind of funny!. Some of our muffins rised to high, and some stayed small!.
Here is a picture of our muffins:

Monday, 5 February 2018


My goal for 2018 is to pass all my subjects with an Excellence. To get an Excellence I will Need to focus in class, Not waste time in class. For me to achieve this goal I would Need to be on time for my classes, Studying in my own time and answer all my questions with debt, meaning a lot of meaning. Also to complete this task, I would always need my Learning materials, the right attitude and apply my listening skills.
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Friday, 22 September 2017

Elections! Who do I vote for 2017

Political party
In Social studies I studied Political party policies of Education, Housing and health. The education policy that I best supported was the Maori party because they provide free schooling for everyone in primary and secondary schools. They provide free after school care and holidays programmes for the kids. So if your parents a going work They can drop their children of to after school care. I like the idea of giving children free education so that there parents don’t struggle working for there kids. It lets all kids around the world have the opportunity to learn. For the housing policy I chose Maori party because it’s aiming to end homelessness by 2020. Therefore everyone gets to live in a house. There will be more house for people to move in to. There’s a higher chance that people get to live in a house. The health policy I chose Nz top’s policy because then we get to see our younger generation grow healthy. We get to see them playing around on the parks with other kids. Getting to make New friends. We know when Our kids go out there safe. We don’t have to worry. The area will be safe.

The party I vote for in 2017 is Maori because there policies keep our younger and homeless people safe. Ending the homeless and keeping our kids safe. I am a Maori party Supporter.

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Friday, 4 August 2017


Survival Activity
My group worked on a project about survival. We all got Hyped because we were flowing with ideas. My group was told to do steps on how we were to survive on an island if we got lost.  We were confident in our work.  

We chose our leader carefully, but instead of having one leader, we decided that we all would become leaders. The reason behind this was because we all had equal ideas.

During our work we had a little bit of struggles, because we had to many ideas on what we could do. We could of wrote a list of what we could do, but we pulled through an only included the ideas that were important to the situation.

I think our group completed this task because we were all focused and had loads of thoughts to put in the tasks. Lasalle made good decisions on our plans. Ben made good decisions on the battlefield, Ben had ideas on how to defeat the pirates and the formations we stand in. and Taki made good decisions on how we should build our hideout. He had a lot of ideas.
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Monday, 31 July 2017

Social Reflection


In term Two I conducted a social Inquiry on Migration. My social inquiry focused on the movement of migrants from Scotland to New Zealand. The push reason why Scottish left their country of origin was the war that broke out in Scotland. The war was causing Scottish people to come to New Zealand. They all settled in Otago, Where they were able to get better futures and live freely. While they were in Otago they got jobs as Farmers,miners from fife and being shopkeepers.  Also some of the Scottish where orphanages that came to New Zealand. By 1936 the number of scots increased, That was the highest it’s been ever since 1886. The Pull reason to why Scots came to New Zealand was because they were able to find themselves better futures. Almost half of the scots that moved to New Zealand in 2013 were all professional workers.