Friday, 4 August 2017


Survival Activity
My group worked on a project about survival. We all got Hyped because we were flowing with ideas. My group was told to do steps on how we were to survive on an island if we got lost.  We were confident in our work.  

We chose our leader carefully, but instead of having one leader, we decided that we all would become leaders. The reason behind this was because we all had equal ideas.

During our work we had a little bit of struggles, because we had to many ideas on what we could do. We could of wrote a list of what we could do, but we pulled through an only included the ideas that were important to the situation.

I think our group completed this task because we were all focused and had loads of thoughts to put in the tasks. Lasalle made good decisions on our plans. Ben made good decisions on the battlefield, Ben had ideas on how to defeat the pirates and the formations we stand in. and Taki made good decisions on how we should build our hideout. He had a lot of ideas.
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Monty Jones said...

Very interesting post Taki, I would like to know more about your team's ideas on how to avoid the pirates!

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